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(Downloadable Augmented Reality “Ice Cream Doom” MF DOOM IG Filter Mask)

Steps to Use AR Filter on Instagram:

  1. Add AR Filter to cart, checkout your order.
  2. Immediately after purchase you will be provided the Instagram Link to the AR MF Doom mask.
  3. The AR filter is link ONLY access so this is not available to the public unless user purchased directly via our website.
  4. When you open the link, it will open directly in the Instagram app and you will be able to view, take photos and record videos with the filter.
  5. You can use this AR filter UNLIMITED. You can take pics and record videos directly in using the Instagram app.

“ICE Cream Doom” the Dessert Villain is a visual ode to the complexities found within MF DOOM’s music, much like the narratives woven throughout his album “MM.. FOOD.” Delve into a world where candy pieces serve as metaphors, revealing new insights with every glance, echoing the depth of tracks like “Hoe Cakes” and “Rapp Snitch Knishes.”

Size & Style

Canvas Vertical: 20in x 24in, Canvas Horizontal: 36in x 36in, Poster Size (Matte Paper) Vertical: 22in x 28in, Poster Size (Matte Paper) Horizontal: 24in x 36in


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