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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase and download the 3D AR products from DigiWithLove?

Answer: You can purchase and download the 3D AR products from DigiWithLove by visiting our website, adding the desired product to your cart, securely checking out via PayPal, and then downloading the file from the email you receive. You can also login to your account on our website using the email address during checkout, and download your products from "My purchases".

Are the DigiwithLove Augmented Reality products for iPhone & iPad ONLY?

Answer: Yes, for the most part our Augmented Reality 3D products are designed to be used and viewed on iPhone & iPad ONLY due to the integration Apple developers have with AR usdz files that we have created. 

Can Android mobile Users view these products in AR?

Answer: No - we did not design these products to be compatible with Android mobile users at this time. Also we are not sure if Android has an app to view these 3D augmented reality usdz files. So we do not guarantee it will work on Android. 

What is the format of the 3D AR digital art files sold by DigiWithLove?

Answer: The 3D AR digital art files sold by DigiWithLove are in .usdz format.

What is the recommended way to view the .usdz files on iPhone and iPad?

Answer: The recommended way to view .usdz files on iPhone and iPad is through the AR Quick Look feature, which is integrated with iOS 12 or later.

Can I download an app to view .usdz files on my iPhone or iPad?

Answer: Yes, you can download the "AR Viewer app" for iPhone from the App Store, but it is not necessary as AR Quick Look is already integrated with iOS 12 or later.

What do I do with the downloaded file on my computer?

Answer: Once downloaded, transfer the file to your iPhone or iPad using AirDrop, email, or a cloud storage service like iCloud or Google Drive.

How do I view the AR product once it's on my iPhone or iPad?

Answer: Simply click on the .usdz file and it will open in Apple Quick Look embedded in your iPhone/iPad iOS 12 or later.

How can I save the .usdz file on my iPhone or iPad for later use?

Answer: You can save the .usdz file to your "Files" app, which is a default app on iOS. Tap and hold on the file, and then select "Save to Files." Alternatively, you can send it to yourself via iMessage and save it there for later use.

How do I send the .usdz file to a friend via iMessage?

Answer: Simply tap on the file and click the "share" icon and send via iMessage.

Can I view the AR product in "Object" mode and "AR" mode?

Answer: Yes, once opened, you can view the AR product in "Object" mode or "AR" mode.

If you have any other questions email us at digiwithloveshop@gmail.com