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Golden Batman Lego Style 3D Figurine Toy – Augmented Reality Art for iPhone & iPad (Digital Download)

Introducing the Golden Batman Lego Style 3D Figurine Toy – Augmented Reality Art for iPhone & iPad (Digital Download)! This meticulously crafted, golden metallic Batman figurine is a must-have for all Batman fans. Inspired by the beloved Lego style, its exquisite design and shiny finish capture the essence of the iconic superhero. What makes this product truly special is its augmented reality capabilities.

With the included AR file, you can bring Batman to life like never before. Download the file onto your iPhone or iPad, and watch as the Golden Batman jumps from the screen into your world. Pose, rotate, and scale the figurine to create captivating scenes, and capture incredible photos or videos with the Caped Crusader by your side. The convenience of this digital figurine allows you to take it anywhere you go, ready to summon Batman and immerse yourself in the world of Gotham City at a moment’s notice.

This Golden Batman Lego Style figurine is not just a collectible, but a way to showcase your fandom. Share your AR adventures on social media, attend comic conventions, and meet up with fellow fans, proudly displaying your love for Batman. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary Golden Batman Lego Style 3D Figurine Toy in augmented reality format. Unleash the power of the Caped Crusader, let your imagination soar, and create unforgettable experiences right from your iPhone or iPad.

Features & Requirements:

  • 3D Augmented Reality product: Golden Batman Lego Style 3D Figurine Toy  – Augmented Reality Art for iPhone & iPad (Digital Download)
  • Read instructions HERE or on How-to page on how to download and view your digital AR product.
  • Compatible with iPhones & iPads ONLY with iOS 12.0 or later (if you are an Android user make sure you know a way to view before purchasing)
  • Instantly view on your iPhone/iPad, no software or Apps required to view AR file. File opens in AR Quick Look app embedded in your iPhone/iPad that is iOS 12 or later! Simply download file, send file to your iPhone via iMessages or open file from your phone downloads and view right away!
  • Digital File is yours to keep forever after download!
  • File extension: .USDZ extension
  • For personal use only, file is Copyrighted by DigiwithLove. (Reselling or repurposing for any other use is PROHIBITED
  • Immediate download

Now grab your iPhone/iPad and your friends and take pictures with it anywhere you travel!



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